• Day 21. In my quest to learn new stuff, I pushed the ISO limits of the camera which I rarely do. This was shot at ISO 6400 and I like the look. I love playing with my flash, but sometimes you just want to use available light. That was the case tonight.

  • Day 17. So here is one of the reasons I think committing to SoD is such a good exercise for photographers. I really dont think I would have shot this otherwise. If I didnt have to get my "shot" I would have been home watching a couple episodes of Burn Notice on Netflix. But I thought my last few shots had not been very exciting, so I decided to grab my tripod and do some long exposure shots. As soon as I clicked my first 8 second exposure I was glad I made the effort. I was bummed though, because just as I snapped this, the steam went away. Moments earlier it had been shooting out of a pipe on the left. Maybe next time...

  • Day 19. Went to KHS for the Chinese New Year celebration. Caligraphy was one of the activities. Such a cool thing to watch.

  • Day 11. Playing with a primary flash and a secondary lightsource. Well I guess it was actually the other way around as most of the light is coming through the window and it was just a touch of flash (1/128th power) with a grid to help light up the right side of the stairs.

  • Day 37. Went for a little something different.

  • Day 25. Came downstairs and just this bit of light was coming through the louvers. Even though I am very familiar with what is on the other side I kind of let my imagination go and it became something secretive, maybe even forboding. Then it seemed like the room was trying to hold all the light in, but it sneaked out the little cracks. Anyways that is Day 25.

  • Day 9. This is what is know as a shot of the day blow-off. Yes I shot something, yes it was on the right day, but honestly not a ton of thought went into it. Usually you should be a month or two in before resorting to cat shots. BUT it turned out it was educational as I used this dark shot in the Lightroom 4 Beta, so that is a win. I promise I wont do cat shots too often....

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  • Steps up to first tee.